Often people seek out professional help when they feel like they’ve tried everything and are still feeling stuck, unhappy, or hopeless. If you’re overwhelmed with distressing thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are negatively impacting day to day functioning, you may benefit from therapy.

A LMFT is a state Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. A LMFT is a mental health practitioner who provides therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. We have completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Clinical Psychology, completed 3,000 hours of supervised clinical training and have passed two comprehensive board exams.

This really depends on what brings you to therapy, what you’re hoping to accomplish, what your life experiences have been, and how much you’re willing to participate in the therapeutic process. People choose to utilize therapy in many different ways, so no set time limit exists.

It’s completely normal to have uncertainty around what your specific goals might be other than that you’re hoping to feel better. Based on what is bringing you to therapy, we may discuss some potential goals to establish an initial direction for our sessions together.

In our first session, we’ll discuss the reasons you’re seeking therapy at this time. I understand the first appointment can be uncomfortable and aim to provide a safe place to help you feel more at ease.

In general, everything discussed between client and therapist is protected by law as confidential. However, there are some specific situations which I am mandated by law to break that confidentiality.

Exceptions to confidentiality include:

– Suspected abuse or neglect of a child under 18 years of age

– Suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly adult 65 years of age or older

– Suspected abuse or neglect of a dependent adult 18 years of age or older

– If a client is threatening to harm himself or herself, the therapist will make every effort to enlist client cooperation in their own safety. (If they do not cooperate and the therapist believes they are a danger to themselves, the therapist will take further measures to ensure the client’s safety)

– If a client threatens serious bodily harm to another person

My rate is $90 per 50 minute session. I accept cash or a check. Unless otherwise discussed, payment is expected at the beginning of each appointment.

Yes, reduced fee services are available on an indivdual basis.  Please call me to discuss this.

Not at this time, but I may be able to provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance provider, so that you may request reimbursement for services.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; please cancel/reschedule as soon as possible to avoid paying for the session. I understand illness and emergencies happen and am reasonable if these circumstances occur. This is to ensure we respect each other’s time and remain committed to the therapeutic process.

Please call/text me at 657-229-4325 and leave me a voicemail with some good times to reach you. You may also email me directly at Cynthia@bewellbeyou.com, and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. Click HERE to send me a message.