Be Well, Be You

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In life, sometimes we build bridges and sometimes we burn them. The challenge is to know when it is best to build them and when it is wisest to burn them. In therapy, we build bridges to our inner selves to relate better to our emotions. As a result, we often build better bridges to others in our lives.

On the other hand, we may learn that a relationship we have with someone is harmful, unhelpful. Despite our best efforts, it can remain toxic or abusive. Then, we have to let go or “burn the bridge” to regain our sense of well-being.

As a Huntington Beach therapist, my job is to help you build bridges of understanding and compassion. This is to foster self-acceptance, peace, and purpose in your life. These attributes help you to be well, be you.

From a developed sense of self comes discernment, which enables you to decide what is good for you and not so good for you. It helps you make informed choices.

Since my early twenties, I have believed in the power of therapy, as it has helped me on my life journey. My intention for you is to embrace the therapeutic process so you can learn about yourself, your habitual ways of thinking, and your behaviors. As you do so, you learn of new options, grow stronger and develop resilience, allowing you to better weather life’s inevitable trials.

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